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May 9, 2007
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SnK set icons :P by Vampirneko SnK set icons :P by Vampirneko
clik on download

ooooooook, it's finished ^_________^- my first icon set
they are based in my system no kodomo webcomic (if you haven't read it, you can do it here or from the previews at my journal)
the set includes three wallpapers and 38 icons (for flash, photoshop, preview, trash, firefox... although you can use them as you want xD)
I know that it's not very complete, I'll already be doing more and I'll submit them in another set advanced more (=

you must remember, this set is exclusively for personal use, you cannot alter, distribute, trade or absolutely nothing with them outside your desktop without my permission, ok?

if you want to use them in DA for journals or icons or anything, you can do it, but always warning that they are mine, please ^wº

if you decide to use them in your computer, would be cool that you did screenshot of it and you send a link to me, I can do a gallery with them or something P= (it's only that it is excited to me, I'm chibi fool xDD)

hope you like them ^^
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I use triple boot in my mac book with Linux, Windows and MacOS using rEFIt, and I made a customization with this set of icons. [link] I think it came up all right if you consider that I'm not a graphic designer or anything. The bad thing about rEFIt is that, as far as I know, right now it doesn't let you to modify the back ground yet. Only the upper part is editable. I guess that will change in the future.

¡¡¡¡ONE MESSAGE TO VAMPINEKO!!!! I made a typo in my last message (Where it says"emparentada"). I'm a male. I can't believe that you can't rectify messages in DA. Oh well.
Ooops, Mande ese ultimo mensaje sin darme cuenta. Creo que esta debe ser la segunda vez que posteo en DA.

Como te iba diciendo, personalice rEFIt en mi computadora con tus personajes. JAJA!


Ahora cada vez que escoja que sistema operativo usar ese día, aparecerán las niñas informáticas.

Creo que me quedo chulo aunque no soy diseñador. Lo malo de rEFIt es que según sé, en la actualidad solo se puede cambiar la parte superior y no todo el fondo. Oh bueno, estoy seguro que más adelante agregaran esa función.

Si quieres te paso los archivos y la configuración si te gustaría publicarlo. La verdad a mi me encantan estos personajes.

Aprovecho la oportunidad para decirte que admiro mucho tu trabajo con las Kodomo (Lo leo en laFlecha), me parece que las historietas son muy inteligentes y bien informadas, sigue así, aquí tienes un admirador que aprecia mucho tu esfuerzo. En mi ciudad en México no conozco a ninguna chica que le guste estos temas así que me pareces muy especial.

Por cierto, yo también me apellido Del Valle. Seria un gran placer estar emparentada con alguien tan talentoso como tú. Nos vemos.
Hola Vampineko. Yo uso triple boot en my mac book Linux, Windows y MacOS. Utilizo refit y lo custómize con tus personajes
these would be good if they worked.
Nice too bad the icons show up so small on my computer.
Kobayashi-kun Feb 23, 2009
How would I install these icons to Kubuntu?
Vampirneko Feb 23, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
I'm sorry, I don't remember… for years I have not been using it -__-"
Kobayashi-kun Apr 5, 2009
Wait. Im using Vista now. Do you know how to do it on Vista????
Vampirneko May 10, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
I'm sorry, I use mac... but I suppouse you can do it just as in any other Windows :T
Kobayashi-kun May 11, 2009
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